To make sure that you have a say in the processing of your crown, bridge or (partial) denture and to minimize the process time, Tandzorg.nl has its own dental laboratory since 2009. This way there can be a direct line of communication between you, your dentist and the dental technician. After all, your wishes regarding shape and colour are important, especially when it comes to the visible teeth and molars.

Team Tandzorglab

The Tandzorglab team consists of Jane Simin, clinical dental technologist, Ron van Kooten, clinical dental technologist and Christa Jansen, porcelain technician specialist. Jane, Ron and Christa have years of experience, ensuring you of high quality and service. In addition, they constantly innovate, so that they always use state of the art techniques in their work.

Tandzorglab Rotterdam


Mathenesserlaan 192A-194
3014 HE Rotterdam
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Nieuwe Binnenweg 149B
3014 GK Rotterdam

Postbus 25102
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Klinisch Prothese Technicus
Jane Simin
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Klinisch Prothese Technicus
Ron van Kooten
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