Is your existing denture due for replacement? Our clinical denture technicians, Jane or Ron, can make a high-quality denture that is completely tailored to your wishes.


During the first consultation you can indicate your wishes to Ron or Jane. They will discuss the options with you and provide you with an estimate. If you accept the offer, a follow-up appointment can be scheduled.

During this appointment, an impression will be made of the upper or lower jaw if you only have a denture above or below or of the upper and lower jaw if you have a denture on both the upper and lower jaw.

From this impression a model is made on which a mould is fabricated to examine the exact edge of the denture, to make it fit comfortably.

You will then come back for the occlusal assessment. This is necessary for the proper functioning of your jaw joints and to prevent wear and pain. Together with Ron or Jane, you determine the desired colour, position and shape of the teeth and Ron or Jane will start fabricating your final denture.

The next appointment you will try the model. The position and colour of the teeth can be adjusted if necessary as this model is made of wax.

When the final denture is cast and ready it is placed during the final visit and any spots causing discomfort or pain can be adjusted.


The cost for manufacturing a denture is budgeted to measure since every patient has a unique set of teeth and individual wishes.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call us on 010-3118040.

We prepare a tailor-made budget for each treatment in advance. Contact your health care provider for any reimbursements. These differ per insurance policy.