In collaboration with your dentist and your dental surgeon, our clinical denture technicians, Jane and Ron, can create a denture for you in one that will be placed the same day your teeth have been extracted. While waiting for your denture you can use free WiFi, coffee and tea. At the end of the day you will leave our practice with a radiant smile and a denture that has a better fit.


It is a big step from natural teeth to a denture. That is why, prior to treatment, all steps are explained to you, so you know what to expect on the day of your treatment.

The first consultation takes place with one of our clinical denture technicians and one of our dentists. We will examine teeth using an X-ray overview photo and you will also visit the dental surgeon for a consultation.

About 2 weeks before the treatment we take dental impressions of the upper and lower jaw. And determine the desired colour for your denture. On the day of the treatment we have all the information to start.

On the treatment day, you will be with us all day. In the morning your teeth will be extracted by the dental surgeon. Then we start the fitting procedure based on the dental impressions we already made.

A mould is made of wax in which the teeth are inserted one by one by Ron or Jane. You can indicate your wishes regarding colour, shape and position of the teeth. In this way, the denture slowly takes on its definite shape by adjusting and re-adjusting. This takes up about two to three hours.

Then, together with the dentist we check what the result will be based on the trial denture. Any additional changes can be made. If you are content with the results, your denture will be fabricated. This also takes up two to three hours. At the end of the day your denture is ready and you can go home with your new teeth.

The next day you have a follow-up appointment for a check-up and the appointments for adjusting your denture are scheduled.

After 2 months, a temporary liner will be placed in the denture so that the jaw can continue to heal. This is a soft layer.

After 4 months we will see you again for adjusting your denture after the healing process is complete as your bone and gum tissue will have shrunk to some degree.


The cost for manufacturing an immediate denture is budgeted to measure in collaboration with your dentist since every patient has a unique set of teeth and individual wishes.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call us on 010-3118040.

We prepare a tailor-made budget for each treatment in advance. Contact your health care provider for any reimbursements. These differ per insurance policy.