If a number of teeth are missing, we can make you a partial acrylic denture or a partial metal denture. Metal dentures are stronger and more durable than acrylic ones because they have a metal base, however there is a chance that metal hooks may be visible. Another difference is that a metal denture relies to a large extent on the remaining teeth instead of the gums.


The dentist creates supports in the teeth to hold the denture in place. Ron or Jane make an impression of your jaws to make a model. On this model, a synthetic resin model is made on which your acrylic or metal denture is fabricated. It takes at least a week for acrylic dentures and at least 2 weeks for metal dentures to be ready. Metal dentures take one extra visit to fit the frame. When the partial denture is ready, it is placed by Ron or Jane.


The cost for manufacturing a partial denture is budgeted to measure since every patient has a unique set of teeth and individual wishes.

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We prepare a tailor-made budget for each treatment in advance. Contact your health care provider for any reimbursements. These differ per insurance policy.