During contact sports and some ball sports, it is necessary to protect the teeth against impact. The stock mouth protectors that are available in stores offer insufficient protection because of the poor fit. It is important to have a good fit, tight around the teeth and partly over the gums (after all, the roots of the teeth lie under the gums), this ensures better protection.

A custom-fitted mouthguard consists of two or three layers, depending on the sport practiced. This considerably reduces the risk of injury. Unfortunately, once you injure your teeth, it will cause permanent damage. Injuries can vary from a broken piece of tooth to the complete loss of one or more teeth.

Our advice is to acquire a custom-fitted mouthguard at the start of the new sports season. We offer you excellent service when fitting a mouth guard in association with your dentist.  If you and your children want to exercise safely, choose to have a custom-made mouth guard manufactured at Tandzorglab. We can offer special deals for teams.


The cost for manufacturing a mouthguard are budgeted to measure since every patient has a unique set of teeth and individual wishes.

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